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What is a Hybrid Meeting?

How can you host an annual meeting where everyone feels connected, while also keeping it efficient, accurate and secure? Go hybrid. A hybrid meeting is a perfect way to streamline and improve your meeting while keeping your audience engaged.

Hybrid Meeting Meaning

A hybrid Annual General Meeting AGM or hybrid meeting is a form of an electronic meeting which uses the best elements of the other two major forms of meetings, traditional AGM and virtual AGM.

Factors to consider before moving to Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid Knowledge Hub

When delivering a hybrid AGM, it's important to ask the right questions. Explore your definitive guide to hybrid.

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Introduction to Hybrid Meetings

The hybrid method uses a combination of industry-leading apps, software and hardware to create a fully secure, trackable and organized event.

When your organization hosts a hybrid meeting, you’re not on your own, in fact, the meeting is facilitated by a team of experts who make sure the whole meeting runs as smoothly as possible, so you can focus on the hosting and results.

Hosting a hybrid meeting has a host of benefits for you and your members/stakeholders, the core of this is the increased engagement, and thus opening the possibility of higher attendance (both in-house and online) by removing the need for everyone to be in one location.

Hybrid meetings have grown in popularity due to their inclusivity and accessibility to a wide range of people. The hybrid method uses a combination of industry-leading apps, software and hardware to create a fully secure, trackable and organized event.


Ultimate Guide to Hybrid

When delivering a hybrid meeting, there are several questions we’re often asked; from simple questions like ‘what is a hybrid meeting?’ to ‘how can you create parity between in-room and remote participants?’ it’s important to understand the logistics behind integrating a digital portal to your next AGM or Congress.

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Who Can Benefit From Going Hybrid?

In short, any sized organization can benefit and so can their attendees/members. The organization can utilize hybrid technology to help improve its annual meeting for everyone.

Hybrid meetings have become more and more popular over the last decade, from SMEs to multinational organizations.

With audience demographics changing and with that the expectations of your audience, it is important to keep at the forefront of technology. Hybrid meetings can help you engage more people and develop the targeting of younger demographics.

Moreover, giving your members or audience the ability to join the meeting online removes barriers for attendance, these can come in multiple forms, from availability, to transport, to the centrality of location and cost.

Hybrid technology allows for much higher transparency for your meeting, paired with audience response technology for the in-person attendees and you have a fully trackable and transparent meeting.

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How Does Hybrid Technology Affect the In-Room Audience?

Hybrid Technology is specifically designed to help improve the meeting as a whole, therefore it is not disruptive to the in-room attendees; in fact, alongside using in-room technology such as Audience Response, it has been shown to improve engagement, attentiveness and perception of the organization.

The core essense of hybrid technology is to create a more inclusive meeting that allows everyone to get involved while simultaneously removing barriers to attendance such as travel or time. Therefore, all of the attendees in-room are passionate to be there creating a more positive experience at the event while still allowing everyone to attend.

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Hybrid Planning Checklist

If you are considering holding a hybrid meeting our Hybrid AGM Planning Checklist is a good place to start. It covers 7 different points to consider during your planning, from voting to board preparation.

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How Secure is a Hybrid Meeting?

Ensuring your hybrid meeting is secure is of the utmost importance and hybrid technology is an area that has received a lot of attention. Security is critical to hosting a successful Hybrid event and a meeting’s integrity depends on both the certainty and security of the identification of shareholders/members and access to this secure list, to ensure these virtual participants are who they claim to be.

Furthermore, hybrid meetings are instantly audited and everything is recorded, giving a complete objective record of the meeting, pinpointing exactly what each member did, including abstentions.

Lumi - The Principles and Practicalities of Running Hybrid Meetings

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